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Men's Training Jersey | DOMINATE


"Comfort! Breathable material personally my favorite FKN Gym Wear product" - Ely B

If you're like me and don't play basketball but like wearing basketball jerseys, try wearing a training jersey instead!

Your new DOMINATE training jersey is made from a lightweight polyester, with breathable side panels and other things.

Printed in black, grey and white with the FKN 10 design and features a rubber classic FKN Gym Wear logo on the bottom left hem.

✔ Tapered To Waist Fit
✔ Breathable & Cool Panels
✔ Lightweight & Quick-Dry

All of our men's gym clothing is true to size, so if you like to wear your basketball jerseys a little looser, we recommend going up a size.

For care instructions & FKN secret gym apparel cleaning hacks, click Pro Tips below!

- Lay your jersey flat to air dry. Try hanging it over several rungs of a clothes horse rather than on the clothes line so that they don't stretch out of shape.
- For best results, wash in cold or warm water only and never use fabric softener on your activewear. Fabric softener can damage the technical properties of a sports fabric and remove it's abilities to be sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial, etc.
- To avoid getting any fluff or pilling on your jersey, try washing it in a lingerie bag with your leggings and crop tops.
- If your jersey get wrinkled, never iron it! Use a clothing steamer, or even a hair dryer can help get the creases out.
- Built from 100% fast drying polyester.
- All of our men's gym apparel is designed in Australia by bodybuilders.

Training Jersey | DOMINATE

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