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About us




IFINDFITNESS STORE is based in Sweden. Since late 2019 we're a retailer working exclusively with - FKN Gym Wear.

The Story

At the start of 2017 iFindFitness Store sold a variety of different workout clothing brands and supplements. But late 2019 iFindFitness Store and FKN Gym Wear crossed roads and the founder of iFindFitness Store fell In love with the FKN brand and reach out to make an agreement with the FKN Gym Wear company. The pitch was to niche the FKN brand to the European - Scandinavian market witch resulted in a partner contract to sell the FKN's complete range of products.


The FKN Gym Wear Story 

FKN Gym Wear - it's all started out in 2010 when the creator Jonny London was sitting at his computer thinking about how much he love to lift, correction... Love to FKN LIFT and needed a shirt that said exactly that. 

With that on his mind and his trusty Photoshop program open infront of him. He designed the first FKNLIFT logo with the overlapped 'N' and 'L' letters.